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I wrote extension to VS Code

I feel comfortable using Spacemacs, it has almost everything I need while I write in Python. Sometimes I use other languages and this forces me to look into Spacemacs’ configuration. Spacemacs does it’s job but some things are difficult to configure.

So I decided to try and use VS Code for a while instead. It has really good support for Python and other languages. I used it while working on a React Native app or when writing in Typescript. One thing that really interests me is Live Share feature. One can share coding session with anyone by simply sharing a link. Very useful when pair programming, not like Hangouts or Slack.

Couple posts before I mentioned my Slack journal which I use to make my work more transparent to others. So I had an idea to use Live Share and show anyone what I’m currently working on. The feature is a killer but it has one flaw, the URL under which session is available changes each time you start a new session. It is not convenient if you want to share it with a couple people as you have to send this URL everytime you start a new session to each one of them. Even if session or connection failed without your fault.

To fix it I wrote a VS Code plugin and called it Oversharing. The extension allows you to share your session as Live Share would but it keeps your link same across all future sessions. Link that Live Share creates is sent to an Azure Function and saved, in return for a new stable link. This new link will redirect to Live Share link each time it is opened, and will be preserved across all future Live Share sessions.

Hopefully someone finds it useful as I do.

If you are interested in writing your own extension, here you can learn how to write your first.