logging microservices

Effective logging strategies after running the production for 2 years

I had trouble picking an appropriate title. The guidelines you are about to read are based on a true story, sometimes a horror story. I can’t believe how much I have changed in this past 2 years. It was changed for the better. I grew a lot, I grew with the system I built, run, and supported.

Logging is hard, and it’s most of the time an afterthought. Read this guideline and learn from my mistakes. You may probably apply these recommendations to any language.

async python

asyncio: real world coroutines

This is a first part of a longer series. Making more real-world examples of asyncio. “Hello world” type of examples are often very misleading about the real effort it takes to use some tool. asyncio examples you may find on the web are guilty as well. Most of them focus on simple happy path scenarios. In this article, I’ll be writing about working with coroutines, handling errors, retrying them automatically, and tracking execution progress. The next articles will explore the usage of more high-level tools like asyncio.Task and asyncio.TaskGroup.